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April 25, 2022

Protect press freedom in Hong Kong

The International Federation of Journalists’ report ‘Light’s Out’ lists the tactics employed by the Chinese Government to choke press freedom in Hong Kong. These range from a proposed ‘fake news law’ that could identify any critical coverage as ‘disinformation’ to the arrests of journalists such as Jimmy Lai, the founder Apple Day.

With more and more media platforms shuttering in the city, the demise of Hong Kong’s independent media appears to be approaching swiftly. The latest coverage by independent organisations on China’s constricting, and at times inhumane, covid restrictions reflects the importance of maintaining independent journalism in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) is an impartial, non-profit media and news organisation that is strictly governed by a public code of ethics. Its guiding principles of professional practice include providing accurate, balanced and impartial news coverage, as well as transparency of sources and an unselective use of material.

Founded in 2015 as a response to mounting concerns regarding freedom of the press in Hong Kong, HKFP - one of the few remaining independent medias operating in the city - is a crucial instrument for informing the public about and holding the government accountable for any violations of human rights, civil rights and international laws. 

Thus far, Hong Kongers have gone out of their way to ensure HKFP remains active, but help is still needed. 

You can help safeguard independent media and press freedom in Hong Kong by supporting Hong Kong Free Press through donations. Alternatively, HKFP accepts and values any donated equipment, which can be organised by contacting them. 

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Protect press freedom in Hong Kong