Engage, Support: Change.
Together we create positive change

About our Support Platform



Since 2014 FairPlanet has been supporting projects, organisations and campaigns in compliance with our mission.
We have been researching and promoting over 1,000 initiatives through our worldwide network and mobilising our global audience to provide manifold support.
Besides, we have been cooperating with various organisations supporting their endeavours to impact human rights and social and environmental justice positively. We now want to involve our audiences to co-create a more significant impact.

What sort of initiatives and projects do we support?

Those that

  • promote human rights
  • support sustainable development goals
  • fight all forms of inequality
  • promote social and environmental justice

Prioritising those who are

  • community-based
  • bottom-up 
  • inclusive
  • in the Global South

A new dedicated Call-to-Action and Support Platform

Through our new platform, you can help to create positive change. It features two types of support:

  1. A broad range of well-researched initiatives needs various forms of support, such as campaign signatures, individual participation or funding through donations.
  2. A selected range of projects where we engage through cooperative forms of support such as content, communication or fundraising of donations by companies and philanthropists.

What you can do


Engage, Support: Change

  • Engage with presented initiatives through our platform
  • Support actual needs: e.g. join campaigns, volunteer or donate – Change for good through support

Use the platform to

  • Browse a wide range of well-researched initiatives
  • Look into projects where FairPlanet is actively engaged
  • Support initiatives and projects in meaningful ways

Provide monetary support

  • FairPlanet accepts donations to operate the platform
  • FairPlanet fundraises money to support projects

How initiatives, projects and communities benefit


Register on fairplanet.support

  • Provide information about their work
  • Define their needs
  • Request support

Gain solutions knowledge

  • See how other initiatives and projects tackle similar challenges – Connect with their peers

Get support

  • Through our global audience through individual contributions
  • Through our partners, if they match their criteria