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April 20, 2022

4 ways to get involved this Earth Day

Celebrated across the world as one of the most significant environmental justice movements, this 22 April marks the 55th World Earth Day.

This year, World Earth Day hopes to engage 1 billion people to envision, innovate and implement acts of justice for our planet. The anual theme is Invest In Our Planet - a call to action that can be answered by everybody, regardless of resources.

The primary issue that Earth Day is tackling is climate change. Without urgent action to curb emissions, the UN has stated that the world may be on course to reach 3.2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Despite this being the 55th occurrence of World Earth Day, billions around the world remain unaware of the importance of conservation and sustainability.

Spread the word on social media 

Raising awareness about this day encourages communities to realise and acknowledge the full extent of the climate crisis we are engulfed in. Join the #EarthDay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to participate on the most accessible level. 

Get your business involved

Earth.org is a growing movement that welcomes the involvement of organisations, businesses and collectives. Get your business, company or organization involved in environmental justice causes on and following Earth Day.

Contact your local representatives

It is up to individuals to hold those exacerbating ecological degradation accountable, as well as persuading those around them to alleviate the damage already done. Contact your local representatives and urge them to take concrete action against polluting activities taking place in your area. 

Join an event near you

In the week leading up to World Earth Day, many are organising initiatives and events to engage local and international communities. EarthDay.org offers a long list of ways in which you can be empowered and inspired to get involved in the celebration of our planet.

From joining a worldwide clean up on your own or in a group to donating $1 to plant a single tree, the possibilities to help the Earth appear endless.

EarthDay.org has also compiled an interactive map of events being held on 22 April all around the world.

An hour out of your day to educate yourself on an aspect of climate change through an online event can have a big impact. 

Image by Mika Baumeister

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4 ways to get involved this Earth Day