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March 06, 2022

Help implement WASH across Nepal

The landlocked nation of Nepal is facing a severe water crisis. With only 27 percent of the population having access to clean and safely managed water, according to Globalwaters.org, the people of Nepal are being deprived of an essential human right. Without access to WASH (water supply, sanitation and hygiene) a community cannot function or flourish.

Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH) is an organisation that strives to help build a "prosperous and harmonious Nepal." It concentrates its resources on implementing WASH to help every citizen realise their right to safe drinking water, basic hygiene and sanitation. 

Working throughout the country, the NGO operates irrespective of gender, class and belief. As the country’s leading organisation in this sector, NEWAH has served roughly 2.2 million people through over 2,463 projects. These projects range from providing safe and affordable drinking water to menstrual hygiene and climate change adaptation.

As well as implementing WASH related projects, NEWAH is also committed to the research, awareness and advocacy behind the realisation of the right to water. It maps and tests sources for physical, chemical and biological parameters, contributing to the knowledge of the WASH sector. 

Among NEWAH’s objectives is building an awareness to enhance the capacity of individuals and institutions involved in the WASH sector to manage their own system. With the active collaboration of local communities and WASH institutions in planning, operating and maintaining water supply and sanitation systems, ownership and effective usage of water is ensured.

NEWAH’s work helps communities become socio-economically empowered and navigate the regularly evolving and innovative WASH sector.

There are a multitude of ways in which you can get involved with the work of NEWAH. From individual sponsorship of a project to corporate collaboration, you can choose your level of interaction with the organisation. It also offers a range of resources - from an annual report to a gallery presenting its diverse projects.

You can also support NEWAH by helping promote its social media platforms, where you can learn more about how it tackles Nepal’s water crisis.

Image by Diego Gennaro. 

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Help implement WASH across Nepal