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March 05, 2022

Help Nigerian communities get access to clean water

When Chibuzor Mirian Azubiuke, a former volunteer at the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC), was posted in the Bauchi State of Northern Nigeria, she did not know that she would end up dedicating her life to improving the lives of an entire community. 

Discovering the town of Bigi Tudun Wada, which had a population of over 6,000 people who lacked any access to clean potable water, Azubiuke was inspired to act. The product of this has been The Haske Water Aid and Empowerment Foundation, which has impacted the lives of over 12,000 people in rural communities in Nigeria. 

The Foundation is working to tackle the wider issue of water in Nigeria, where 60 million people (roughly 30 percent of the country’s population) lack access to clean water. Azubiuke has blended the provision of access to clean potable water with the empowerment of communities. This entails ensuring children stay in school, empowering women and defending the rights of girls.

The practical impact of the organisation’s work is displayed in their recent Borehole Project in Iberese. With four communities relying on one well, having to travel 20 minutes to reach it and taking ten minutes to fill for daily use, children in the community tend to miss school and women end up being forced to neglect other aspects of their lives. Haske identified the community and immediately began working on a borehole that benefited over 1,000 people. The transformation within communities when easy access to water is implemented is exceptional.

You can support the Haske Water Aid and Empowerment Foundation by either volunteering or making a donation, and help transform communities who lack easy access to something as fundamental as water.  

Image by mrjn Photography

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Help Nigerian communities get access to clean water