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March 04, 2022

Climate justice for Madagascar!

Despite being one of the countries that contribute the least to the climate crisis, Madagascar is the fourth most affected by it according to the 2020 Global Climate Risk Index

Having been hit by cyclones Ava and Eliakim in 2018, and most recently by Batsiari just earlier this month - over 75,000 people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. 

This, unfortunately, is just the tip of Madagascar’s climate issues. 

With an incredibly sensitive ecosystem, Madagascar is seriously compromised by climate change, with now more than 1,800 endemic species threatened with extinction. 

Among the numerous natural disasters that Madagascar has faced, the drought afflicting the southern region of the country is reportedly the worst in the country’s history. With more than a million people on the brink of famine and rising malnutrition, action must be taken. 

The fundamental human right of access to water, sanitation and hygiene is becoming more precarious by the day, and Madagascar is truly in need of climate justice.

Join the Malagasy people - who are located in the southern region of the country and are the most affected by climate change -  in calling on world leaders, particularly those from countries most responsible for the climate effects in Madagascar, to fulfil their obligation to the Madagascan people. 

G20 countries are responsible for 78 percent of global annual emissions over the past decade, and this injustice must be tackled. 

You can act by contacting your local government, imploring them to take action. 

Furthermore, Amnesty International has written an open letter to the government of Madagascar, pressuring them to take action. You can sign the letter here, and either use their prepared draft or compose your own message. 

Image by Sergey Zhesterev

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Climate justice for Madagascar!