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March 07, 2022

Clean water: a drop of life

Access to clean water is often a matter of life and death. A Drop of Life, a Hong Kong-based NGO, regards water as a basic survival right and works to ensure clean access to both water and sanitation. 

The organisation implements sustainable water projects and builds water facilities in the rural areas of Nepal, Cambodia and mainland China. Chairperson Jackie Lee believes that inequality and issues such as poverty and low education are the direct consequence of uneven distribution of water resources and that access to water is the key to achieving an equal society. As Jackie says, the organisation is “passing out love and working for love.”

A Drop of Life has implemented over 65,000 Water and Sanitation projects and over 4.7 million lives have been changed due to their impact. However, the organisation does not confine their work to water; rather, it views water as the initial solution to wider issues. Its work also includes poverty alleviation, disaster relief and education. 

As a A Drop of Life supporter, you can choose to sponsor a specific project and see the tangible results of your support, from providing a nutritional meal to particular water projects. 

You can read about and select which campaign you would like help implement in this link. Alternatively, the organisation offers corporate partnerships that are predicated on sponsorship, donation or the organisation of fundraising. 

Read more about A Drop of Life’s work and impacts on its website.  

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Clean water: a drop of life