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July 29, 2019

One Acre Fund ends hunger by uplifting rural farmers

Despite efforts by the United Nations to reduce world poverty and hunger, famine across the globe continues to escalate, with many farmers in rural areas experiencing the brunt of this worldwide trend.

One Acre Fund is a nonprofit organization working to eliminate hunger among farming communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Yet instead of relying on the good will of governments and corporations, One Acre Fund seek to empower the farmers themselves, by supplying them with the financing and techniques necessary to “grow their way out of poverty and build lasting pathways to prosperity”.

Founded in Kenya in 2006, the organization has expanded its operations to serve farmers in Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. 

Employing a holistic, long-term approach to their work, One Acre Fund supply high-quality seeds to farmers on a flexible credit repayment system, deliver inputs to locations in close proximity to the farms, provide seasonal trainings on modern agricultural techniques, as well as offer storage solutions and education about market fluctuations in order to help farmers maximize their profits. 

At the center of One Acre Fund’s mission lies the issue of climate change and sustainability - which proves to be an increasing challenge for smallholder farmers. One Acre Fund tackle climate change and soil degradation by helping farmers make adaptations to the changing climate (through crop insurance and diversity programs and fertilization techniques), mitigation of polluting agricultural practices, and development of sustainable intensification of agricultural production methods. 

By 2020, One Acre Fund is projected to assist as many as 1 million smallholder farmers and their families, and provide food for 5 million of their neighbors. Investing in sustainable farming solutions does not only help each farmer and their families, but also greatly contributes to their environment and community’s overall prosperity. 

Please visit One Acre Fund’s website to pledge a donation and learn about their volunteer and job opportunities.

Image credit: One Acre Fund website.

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One Acre Fund ends hunger by uplifting rural farmers