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July 08, 2019

This NGO gives HOPE to thousands of HIV-positive Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe is one of the many countries and states in which the transmission of HIV is criminalized, and could end a person in jail.

In Zimbabwe, where an estimated 1.55 million people out of a population of 14.2 million are living with HIV, women appear to be the most vulnerable victims of the draconian law criminalizing HIV. 

The criminalization of sex work and homosexuality in the country also contribute to the persecution of many HIV carriers and prevent them from seeking health services; this, in turn, perpetuates a vicious cycle of HIV transmission and infection across Zimbabwe.

The government of Zimbabwe recently announced that it will move towards decriminalizing the act of transmitting HIV to a sexual partner. While this is an incredibly important step, and will, in the long run, encourage people to seek medical attention and diminish the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, it still does not guarantee immediate support to the hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans living with the virus.

Founded in 1998 as a response to the growing HIV/AIDS pandemic in the country, HOPE (a project run by the DAPP-Zimbabwe) operates a network of dedicated workers and volunteers to reduce the transmission of HIV in Zimbabwe and care for those who are living with the disease.

Working in both rural and urban environments, HOPE work closely with individuals and communities in order to meet their particular needs.

The organization provides health services (such as referral to testing and counselling), engages in advocacy, education, and community outreach, as well as works to change the public opinion regarding this highly stigmatized issue on both the communal and governmental levels. 

So far, HOPE has successfully reached out to over 43,600 HIV-positive Zimbabweans.

Please visit HOPE’s website to learn about their volunteer opportunities or to pledge a donation and support their work.

Image credit: DAPP Zimbabwe

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This NGO gives HOPE to thousands of HIV-positive Zimbabweans