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July 06, 2019

Donate to Sea-Watch and help saving migrants from drowning at sea

As migration into the EU increases, many leaders across the bloc opt for touting xenophobic rhetoric and toughening their immigration and asylum policies.

One of the devastating consequences of the isolationist policy of many EU leaders is the failure of the Union to save migrants who make their way to the continent by rubber boats and letting them drown by the thousands.

Sea-Watch and the Humanitarian Pilots Initiative (HPI) teamed up in order to help solve this problem, by launching what they call the “Moonbird” operation. As part on Moonbird, Sea-Watch and HPI launch civil reconnaissance aerial missions to locate and rescue migrants at risk of drowning.

Back in Easter, a Sea-Watch-HPI mission saved over 100 migrants on a sinking rubber boat, after seven of them have already drowned. 

In addition, Sea-Watch and HPI utilise the data compiled by them about their missions in order pressure the EU to improve their rescue mechanism and policies.

It should be up to the European Union and its member states to launch humane and effective rescue operations and ensure it doesn’t turn its back on vulnerable migrants seeking safety. Yet as efforts to hold representatives accountable continue, it is important to support the organizations and individuals sacrificing their lives to fill in the gaps.

Please consider donating to Sea-Watch’s Moonbird operation, and contribute your part to ensuring the safety of migrants at sea. 

Image credit: Sea-Watch.org

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Donate to Sea-Watch and help saving migrants from drowning at sea