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May 01, 2022

Help heal the trauma of Ukraine's children

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, over two million children have been forced to flee the country, making it one of the fastest large-scale displacements of children since World War II.

From the deafening sounds of rocket attacks to separation from parents, the majority of children have been subjected to trauma that will remain with them well into their adult life. As children are forced to internally shut down to survive these harrowing experiences, they will often remain in such a state long after they are in safe spaces, and could be triggered by the slightest of events.

Forging relationships later in life becomes a struggle for people who experience severe trauma in their childhood, and they become susceptible to feelings of shame, isolation and helplessness.

The consequences of this war will undoubtedly traumatise an entire generation. It is therefore essential that children in Ukraine receive as much support as possible. The Voices of Children is a humanitarian organisation that grew out of a volunteer response to the Russo-Ukrainian War in 2015.

Aiding the creation of a centre of psychological aid in Slovyansk, the NGO also orchestrated the treatment and rehabilitation of traumatised children from the conflict. It did so by providing a range of services - from art therapy classes to individual psychological assistance and support with housing and education - along the frontline in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Art therapy classes are often a key tool in allowing children to express emotions that are challenging to articulate. They are also focused on telling each child’s story, not in any means to depict them as victims, but to champion their strength in the face of their struggles.

The two-month long conflict is inflicting irreparable damage on millions, and support is necessary now more than ever. 

To help Voices of Children support kids being currently affected, you can donate or provide essential supplies such as blankets or medicine. Alternatively, you can offer your skills and resources through volunteering.

Image by Olena Bondarovska . 

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Help heal the trauma of Ukraine's children