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Today, the world is celebrating International Girls in ICT Day.

From the creative to economic, technology plays a central role in almost all sectors, and it is estimated that 65 percent of children entering school today will have jobs that do not yet exist. Thus, to allow women a fair chance to access future employment opportunities, the digital gender divide all over the world must be closed.

This year’s theme for international Girls in ICT Day (set by the International Telecommunication Union) is Access and Safety. These two topics are the key to alleviating gender disparity as well as transforming communities. Yet access and safety concerning technology is a luxury for so many, and within the Fourth Industrial Revolution it must be made accessible to all. 

iamtheCode is closing this gap one step at a time. With the aim to enable 1 million young female coders by 2030, the technological revolution is being brought to women in over 70 countries through this initiative.

It is the first African-led global movement aiming to mobilise governments, the private sector and civil society to invest in technologies that will drive sustainable development for women and girls in marginalised communities.

Through a mentoring programme, the organisation is bringing marginalised girls into the sphere of technology where learning and leadership takes place. Through hackathons, podcasts and digital and wellbeing clubs, iamtheCode hopes to provide women and girls with the opportunity to "discover their own identity and fingerprint." In doing so, they are supplying marginalised groups with the necessary resources to become world-class digital leaders.

However, the organisation recognises the requirement to alleviate other female concerns, such as hygiene and wellbeing, in order to aid women in education. Acknowledging the importance of tackling other issues in the process of female empowerment, iamtheCODE also offers sanitary kits, food, masks and soap. 

If you wish to help, you can donate to their cause or sponsor specific projects that girls are working on. Alternatively, iamtheCODE can help your business or organisation align itself with the Sustainable Development Goals and each individual make a large impact.

Furthermore, if you have specific skills in technology, share them! Become a mentor with iamtheCODE to pass on your knowledge to the younger generations. 

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