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May 13, 2022

Empower indigenous communities and protect biodiversity

The current ‘truth trial’ in Argentina investigating the 1924 massacre of Qom and Moqoit people in Napalpí serves as a crucial reminder of the relentless atrocities committed against indigenous peoples

As seen in the 1924 mass killing of the Qom and Moqoit communities, the effects of past atrocities linger until today. And while there seems to be growing acknowledgement of historical crimes committed against indigenous peoples, the international community appears less concerned with present human rights violations, violence and economic manipulation targeting indigenous populations. 

The Boa Foundation recognises the truth of the matter and works to empower indigenous peoples whilst educating the world on the importance of sustaining first nations communities.

This is primarily done through sharing culture and giving indigenous people a platform on which to speak and urge governments and the international community to recognise their sovereignty and rights. 

This also has major ecological effects. With 80 percent of the world’s biodiversity found within indigenous territories, The Boa Foundation is aiding indigenous communities regenerate degraded ecosystems.

Acting as a bridge between indigenous communities and the ‘global north’, the foundation is bringing together traditional wisdom and modern technology to make greater sustainable changes for the future. and provides opportunities for exchanges between indigenous leaders and elders with their sponsors.

This sharing of wisdom is vital to tackling global ecological degradation and shifting the focus from consumption and profit to  healing and celebration.

The foundation also works with communities on strategic land buybacks and supports small yet essential community projects, for example installing clean water and hygiene facilities. 

You can support the foundation in its efforts by donating to specific projects. You may also reach out to them for more information on how to support indigenous communities and educate those around you on the importance of sustainable practices. 

Image by Andrew George.

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Empower indigenous communities and protect biodiversity