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March 04, 2019

Protect the rights of immigrants in the U.S. and call for the end of their abuse

Treatment of immigrants in the United States (both documented and undocumented) is worsening rapidly. What was already a harsh reality for immigrants in previous years, has devolved under the current administration to an absolute nightmare— as the government issues more and more decrees that complicate the immigration and asylum process and render them increasingly treacherous and inaccessible.

Meanwhile, across the country, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has morphed into nothing short of an anti-immigrant army— employing inhumane tactics to intimidate immigrants and arrest them in their homes, jobs, in the streets, and even at courthouses while their non-immigration related cases are being deliberated.

The Immigrant Defense Project is a nonprofit organization working to protect immigrants (both documented and undocumented) across the United States. Among their many projects and campaigns, the organization provides tools and information for immigrants who are at risk of deportations and inform them of their rights.

They also launched an interactive map called ICE Watch, which tracks the location, time, and story of ICE raids committed in the northeast, and provide detailed information about recent tactics they employ to apprehend immigrants.

The organization lobbies with government and legislative authorities on behalf of immigrants in order to cease arrests at courthouses and halt deportations of immigrants who commit petty crimes, and adopt more substantial laws protecting them from abuse and arbitrary imprisonment and deportation by the immigration authorities.

They also provide training to litigators and volunteers dealing with immigration and immigrant detention cases.

Please visit their website to further acquaint yourself with the reality of immigrants in the U.S., learn about your rights as an immigrant, and figure out how you can help defend them as a lawyer or volunteer.

Image credit: AP file photo through JN.com 

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Protect the rights of immigrants in the U.S. and call for the end of their abuse