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February 02, 2019

This NGO gives thousands of Kenyan youths a ticket to a better future. Support their efforts today.

Kenya’s youth is in a challenging position. Research shows that 1 in 5 Kenyans between the ages of 15-24, who are eligible for employment, are unemployed. In turn, high unemployment rates increase these youths’ exposure to criminal activity, teen pregnancy, prostitution, and dire poverty. This puts an already vulnerable population at an even greater risk.

Since 2001, Raising Futures Kenya have been working tirelessly to provide the country’s youth with employment opportunities and guarantee their prosperity and well-being (as well as those of their families).

Through a network of volunteers, Raising Futures Kenya collaborate with individuals, other NGOs, and local government to provide training to young Kenyans in various fields, with which they could later on find employment or beginning their own small business (a process through which Raising Futures assist them).

The organization places special focus on children and teenagers with disabilities, who are still largely discriminated against in Kenya and often have no access to vocational training, education, or employment. Raising Futures collaborate with schools that specialize in education for children with disabilities and provide them with more resources to meet the needs of these children.

The organization also focuses on the advancement of girls, who also suffer from discrimination in education and employment, compared to male Kenyans. In fact, 72% of the program’s attendees are girls, who receive vocational training and support in launching their own businesses.

Raising Futures Kenya have thus far educated and trained more than 2,000 youths. 86% of their graduates are either employed or self-employed and 89% of them contribute to their family’s needs every month.

What’s more, is that an estimated 50% of graduates currently monitor and support others in their community, which through a trickle-down effect ensures the prosperity and improvement of others around them.

If you are interested in volunteering with Raising Futures, please visit their website.

If volunteering isn’t an option for you, please consider donating to their important cause.

Image credit: Raising Futures Kenya website. 

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This NGO gives thousands of Kenyan youths a ticket to a better future. Support their efforts today.