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September 27, 2022

In the UK? Help Extinction Rebellion make history

As the planet burns, food and energy bills are spiraling and ordinary working people are facing a cost of living crisis while the likes of Shell and BP rake in record profits. 

The climate crisis and the cost of living crisis are two sides of the same coin, with the majority of us forced to suffer the consequences for the irresponsible, self-serving behaviour of a tiny minority that is supported by politicians too corrupt or too concerned with the next election cycle to rise to the urgency of the moment.

This is why Extinction Rebellion is calling for a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice, which will transcend the corruption of Westminster and bring together a group of people from different walks of life - supported by independent experts - to make the tough decisions politicians have been putting off for thirty years.

On 14 October, Extinction Rebellion will come together with other movements to take collective, nonviolent action on the cost of living crisis.

On the same day, we will publish our mobilisation plan to bring 100k people onto the streets together in Spring 2023, using civil disobedience, street campaigning and door knocking and connecting with other groups demanding change. 

A major part of the plan to reach 100k people will be through in person outreach via a door to door canvassing campaign called Project 3.5 - inspired by the research of Erica Chenoweth - organised on a distributed model across the UK.

The Project 3.5 campaign was designed in consultation with the team who worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign in the United States and is a ‘Big Organising’ model which gives newcomers meaningful tasks that contribute to a shared plan.

This will sit alongside a strong movement-wide strategy and campaign, working with other groups and movements mobilising around this turbulent moment to generate a "here comes everyone" moment in Spring 2023. 

If you believe that our political system is no longer fit for purpose and want to see urgent action on climate justice, now is the moment to take a stand.

Sign up to be one of the 100k people to take action on 21 April, 2023, and let’s start building the solution together. 

Alanna Bryne is a media coordinator and activist at Extinction Rebellion. 

Image by Markus Spiske

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In the UK? Help Extinction Rebellion make history