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July 01, 2022

EU: stop overfishing!

Overfishing is endemic in European waters. Now, a new law recently announced by the EU will allow vessels to "underreport the amount of fish they have actually caught." This is despite the fact that in 2013 all EU member states pledged to end overfishing "by 2015 where possible" or by 2020 "at the latest."

However, this is turning out to be a hollow promise. As reported by Our Fish, a non-profit organisation working to end overfishing, Europe has reached a point where its "fishing industry is locked in an absurd race to catch as much fish as possible, as quickly as possible, for maximum profit."

The most obvious effect of overfishing is a diminished marine ecosystem; but in the specific context of  Europe, the practice permeates a far wider sea of issues.

A 2020 study found that EU nations have overfished by 8.78 million tonnes over the last 20 years, and argued that exceeding scientifically advised quotas hugely undermines the industry itself.

Ending overfishing in the north-eastern Atlantic and allowing fish stocks to recover is estimated to create additional revenue of €4.6 billion for the EU fishing fleet.

This is not just limited to Europe. The populations of coastal countries that export fish to Europe suffer significant food shortages due to the dependency upon their own fish. 

Given these circumstances, The Environmental Justice Foundation is now calling on people to "take action for our ocean together."

A longtime advocate for the protection of oceans, the EJF is running a campaign this month against the EU’s proposed new fisheries rule, which will do far more damage than good for both Europe’s fishing industry and the environment.

You can help stop the devastating consequences of overfishing by supporting EJF’s campaign and signing this petition, which calls on EU member states  to "count every fish."

Finally, inform your friends and family about this petition and the effects of Europe’s overfishing; the impact of collective awareness should not be underestimated!

Image by Jo-Anne McArthur

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EU: stop overfishing!