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May 29, 2020

Help end starvation in India

With a total of over 70,000 confirmed cases, India is grappling to contain the spread of coronavirus and is facing a worsening humanitarian crisis. 

Among those most affected by the pandemic are tens of millions of daily wage and migrant workers, who lost their jobs, and in many cases - their homes, due to the complete shutdown of the country imposed by the government since late March. 

With no source of income, millions of such workers are unable to provide food for their families. In some cases, the hermetic sealing of state borders has meant that migrant workers were stranded in foreign regions of the country, hundreds of miles away from their loved one and communities. Some workers have embarked on arduous and highly perilous journeys across India to reach their homes, during which they suffer starvation and sheer exhaustion. 

Back in April, the UN food relief agency has warned that the world is facing a famine “of biblical proportions” in much of the developing world, with India being one of the countries affected. 

Rise Against Hunger India (RAHI) is a non-profit organisation working to end hunger across India. Established in 2015, RAHI currently has more than 44,000 volunteers operating throughout the nation, providing nutritious meals to millions of vulnerable people. 

When COVID-19 hit, RAHI launched a nation-wide campaign to deliver meals to and support Indians at risk of malnutrition. 

“Within 5 days of our launching this initiative, we have served nearly 200,000 meals to 22,500 people. Looking at the needs, we are now getting ready to organize 2 million or even more meals,” RAHI states on its website. 

Please visit RAHI’s website to learn more about its work, access its COVID-19 updates, and pledge a donation

Image: Rise Against Hunger India

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Help end starvation in India