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May 27, 2020

Help Zimbabwean women survive the COVID-19 crisis

As Zimbabwe entered a lockdown in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, women appear to be particularly vulnerable to the economic implications of the shut down. 

According to women’s rights activists in Zimbabwe, women in the country are short of food supplies and sanitary products. 

Seeing as many women in Zimbabwe engage in informal trading (in addition to raising the kids and running the home), the lockdown has all but eliminated their sources of income - and in lieu of a bailout it is unlikely they will be able to resume their businesses once the pandemic subsides and be able to afford their kid’s school, food, and medication fees. 

The Priccilar Foundation for Women is a Zimbabwe-based non-profit NGO working to advance and protect women’s rights. 

The organisation engages in research, outreach, advocacy work, and litigation in border to protect women suffering from violence and domestic abuse, end child marriages, and promote socio-economic equality between women and men in Zimbabwe. 

In order to meet the pressing and unique challenges faced by Zimbabwean women during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Priccilar Foundation for Women had set up a donation fund that will be used to supply them with essential supplies and help them weather this crisis. 

“As an organisation, fighting for the rights of women, we are deeply concerned. We are, therefore, seeking donations to assist women with basic food and sanitary pads and bailout funds. Any kind of donation will be greatly appreciated,” a recent announcement by the foundation reads. 

Please consider pledging a donation and supporting the women of Zimbabwe as they struggle to survive the pandemic and its economic fallout:

Account Name: Priccilar Foundation For Women

Bank: FBC

Account Number: 1010312690169

Swift Code: FBCPZWHA

Branch:  Samora Machel

Ecocash agent name: Priccilar Foundation for Women

Agent code: 280607

Short code: *151*3*1*280607*amount #

Email: info@priccilarfoundationforwomen.org

Image: Steffen Dobbert

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Help Zimbabwean women survive the COVID-19 crisis