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February 28, 2020

Fight for Poland’s LGBTQ community!

A third of Poland has now declared itself as an “LGBT-free” zone, as nearly 100 municipalities and local governments passed resolutions forbidding the promotion of “LGBTQ ideology” and banning the funding of organisations working to promote LGBTQ rights and events. 

This announcement hardly came as a surprise, with the right wing government under the leadership of Jaroslaw Kaczyński openly discriminating the queer community in Poland, spreading hate speech, and encouraging the suppression of their rights. 

Back in December, the European Parliament passed a resolution harshly condemning the Polish municipalities declaring themselves as “LGBT free” zones and ordered the European Commission to ascertain that funds aren’t funneled “for discriminatory purposes”. Polish leaders have largely ignored the European Parliament, and, as can be seen in an Atlas of Hate prepared by Polish activists, the size of “LGBT free” Poland now covers a territory larger than the entirety of Hungary.  

Founded in 2015, the Stonewall Group is a non-profit organisation working to support the LGBTQ community in the greater Poland area.

In addition to organising large-scale events, such as the Poznan Pride Week Festival, the Stonewall Group provides both legal and psychological help for members of the LGBTQ+ community and their loved ones. 

The organisation also conducts education campaigns around LGBTQ rights. “One of the biggest priorities of our work is to share knowledge of how to fight discrimination and inequality,” the Stonewall Group writes on its website. “There are some very experienced educators among us, who are able to present important issues in straightforward and clear way, about: psychosexual orientation and gender identity, essence and hints of discrimination, language of equality, coming out, discrimination among students, equal treatment at the workplace.”

Please visit Stonewall Group’s website to learn about their programs, services, trainings, volunteer opportunities, and events or pledge a donation

You may also check out their Out&Proud online store, where they sell different kinds of queer merchandise - the proceeds from which go to support the organisation’s activities.

Image: Stonewall Group. 

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Fight for Poland’s LGBTQ community!