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February 17, 2020

Protect the world’s wetlands

Wetlands are referred to as ‘the kidneys of the Earth’ for a reason. 

Covering roughly 6 percent of the planet, wetlands - such as lakes, marshes, and rivers - constitute the habitat or breeding grounds of 40 percent of all species, and are crucial in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem and tackling the climate crisis. 

Alas, wetlands across the world are being decimated at an alarming rate, with governments and corporations forsaking them for the advancement of large-scale development projects. According to the World Heritage Center, 60 percent of all wetlands have disappeared since the beginning of the last century. 

Wetlands International is a global non-profit organisation working to conserve and restore wetlands across the world. 

“Wetlands are as vital to the planet as rainforests. That is why we are dedicated to their conservation and restoration. We do this by understanding and tackling the underlying causes of wetland loss and damage,” the organisation states on its website. 

Wetlands International’s method of work centers around empowering local communities who live in close proximity to wetlands to act in order to preserve them and effectively engage with governments and companies. They do so by communicating technical knowledge about wetlands as well as organising advocacy efforts and facilitating on-the-ground projects. 

The organisation partners with organisations and governments from across the world in order to build a network dedicated to the protection and revival of wetlands; one that connects the local with the global. 

Please visit Wetlands International website to learn about their work and mission, apply for volunteer opportunities, and pledge a donation.

Image: Wil Molenkamp. 

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Protect the world’s wetlands