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June 25, 2020

End the oppression of people with albinism in Africa

People living with albinism are frequent targets of discrimination, prejudice, and violence. 

In Sub Saharan Africa - an area with a large concentration of people living with albinism - their persecution often involves which craft-related attacks and ranges from ridicule and humiliation to physical abuse, exclusion, and murder.

The spread of coronavirus has instigated a new wave of violence and discrimination against people living with albinism, as they were often blamed for the spread of the virus

Standing Voice is a UK, Tanzania and Malawi-based non-profit organisation working to protect and uplift individuals with albinism in Africa, improve their status in their communities, and advocate on their behalf.

Founded in 2013, the organisation runs an extensive network of programs and initiatives to raise public awareness around the stigma and discrimination associated with albinism in Africa as well as support people living with albinism in various spheres of life, including health, education, and professional development.

“We provide the tools and platforms for people with albinism to access services, build livelihoods, and speak out against discrimination to claim their rights,” the group states on its website. 

Standing Voice engage in community development and establish support structures that enable locals to take charge of their own lives and grow both personally and as a community. 

The Umoja Training Centre in Tanzania, for instance, is a community space founded by the organisation in which people both with and without albinism can congregate, foster personal and professional connections, and embrace each other’s differences. “The Centre is a blueprint of successful integration and community engagement that we plan to adapt and replicate in other locations across Tanzania and East Africa,” the NGO states.

While public awareness of the plight and oppression of people living with albinism increases, major strides still need to be taken by both governments and the public to ensure that they live a violence and discrimination-free life.

Please visit the Standing Voice website to read more about the organisations work and programs, learn about ways to get involved, or make a donation.

Image: Feije Riemersma

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End the oppression of people with albinism in Africa