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June 15, 2020

Help trans migrant women in Tijuana

Jardín De Las Mariposas is a Tijuana, Mexico based non-profit organisation supporting LGBTQ migrants. 

Founded by Yolanda Rocha and her son Jaime Marin in 2014,the organisation provides shelter for migrants who suffered trauma and abuse due to their sexual orientation or gender expression, as well as rehabilitation and emotional support services and assistance with filing for asylum and finding employment. 

“Jardín de las Mariposas is a sanctuary shelter for our brothers and sisters in Central America who are fleeing for their countries, afraid for their lives. We started as a rehab center for the LGBT community, but since the need [for LGBTQ services] is so big in Tijuana, we had to expand our services,” says Marin. 

Jardín De Las Mariposas runs purely on donations and volunteer work, and is currently the only shelter housing and supporting queer migrants in Tijuana. 

After relocating to a new house following attacks on trans women living at the shelter, the organisation now once again needs to find a new location after several neighbors had made death threats and demanded they leave the neighborhood.

Jardín De Las Mariposas launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help them cover expenses for medicine, food, water bills and other utilities, installation of a security camera system, cleaning supplies, clothing, a couch and a desktop computer.

Please consider supporting Jardín De Las Mariposas by donating to their Go Fund Me.

You may find more information about their work on their website (available in both English and Spanish) and Facebook page

Image: Jardín De Las Mariposas

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Help trans migrant women in Tijuana