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The coronavirus pandemic has compounded numerous ongoing crises, including the widening socio-economic gaps, the erosion of working classes across the globe, and the degradation of our planet. 

Although Europe is often hailed as a model of progress when it comes to the welfare of its residents, it nonetheless remains a breeding ground for inequality and corrosive capitalism. The response of the EU to the COVID-19 pandemic and the grave threats posed by the virus and its economic fallout to the most vulnerable populations across the continent has proved that European leaders, like their counterparts in the U.S., are primarily concerned with corporate interest. 

The COVID-19 pandemic was yet another indication that a drastic change in attitude, leadership, and policy are required to secure an equitable and sustainable existence to future generations. 

The Green New Deal for Europe is a campaign launched in 2019 by the Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25) that seeks to institute a “swift, just, and democratic transition to a sustainable Europe.”

Recognising that a transition to a sustainable economy must be carried out in an equitable way that thoroughly uplifts vulnerable populations and working people, the Green New Deal for Europe team calls for a simultaneous action to: raise the healthcare bar and expand services across the continent; provide adequate compensation for individuals fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic and people struggling to provide for their families; provide physical shelter for those who need it; channeling funds to construct a green economy in which public funds serve the public and the allocation of funds is carried out by communities; and drastically improve the conditions of workers while increasing the availability of green jobs. 

The campaign also lists several necessary reforms for EU institutions that would democratise the method of governing and ensure that the health of the planet and the welfare of its residents become the top priority of those in charge (as opposed to endless growth and corporate welfare). 

“One thing is for sure: the EU’s “Green Deal” is dead. The piecemeal approach - of dividing policies between different agencies and portfolios -  cannot deal with the crises we face. The financing strategy, based on the premise that ‘there is no money’ for the green transition, has been exposed as a lie Either a Green New Deal rises in its place, or we lose the last decade we have to stop catastrophic climate change,” the campaign states on its website. 

Click here to learn more about the mission and ideology of the Green New Deal for Europe, learn about ways in which to get involved, and pledge a donation to keep the campaign going. 

Image: Benedikt Filip

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