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September 12, 2015

Desinvest now for a Fossil Free Münster!

Global climate change and its consequences are a tangible threat to our societies. The global temperature rises continuously and climate is changing in front of our eyes. Almost all governments of the world agree that a warming of more than 2 ° C would be dangerous and could cause catastrophic consequences so that human life on our planet becomes impossible.

However, oil companies continue to exploit the existing ressources and spend billions of dollars in order to find more fossil fuels.

Now the time has come that public institutions, cities and local authorities end their support for the promotion and development of fossil fuels.
Our public money should be invested in a better future, not in an industry that aims on destruction of our planet.

The city of Münster has to stop its investments in the fossil or nuclear industry and join many other cities which actively reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. Münstler could be the first German city which attempts to boycott fossil and nuclear industry and could also serve as a model for following cities. Withdrawing the social legitimacy of fossil and nuclear industries' destructive practices is the first step to set an impulse for a total social transformation.

Sign the petition for Münster to become the first German city withdrawing investements into fossil industry!

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Desinvest now for a Fossil Free Münster!