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September 04, 2015

Save the Amazon!

You know the Amazon? It provides 20% of the planet's oxygen, 10% of our biodiversity, our best defense against climate change and home to unique indigenous peoples.
They're cutting it down, at the rate of over 16 football fields.

How can this be stopped?

Here's the idea: the world's first, international, fully protected, incredibly massive, reserve park!

A million of supporters have already backed this idea - and the Colombian government supports it, too! Now Brazil needs to be winned over. President Dilma's popularity is in the toilet right now, and she needs a crowd pleaser - Brazilians love the Amazon, so insiders say she could go for it!

This park will be twice the size of *France*. It sounds like a dream, but Avaaz organisation is within striking distance of winning. But as soon as it gets close to a win, the ranching and mining lobbies will come hard at it with fistfuls of corrupt money. So a full bells and whistles publicity campaign is needed to get President Dilma behind this and quickly!

Chip in and help transforming the Amazon into the world's greatest protected reserve park!

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Save the Amazon!