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December 18, 2019

WECAN brings women to the forefront of the fight for climate justice

Across the globe, women are being disproportionately affected by climate change. This results from a combination of factors. One reason, a growing number of scientists conclude, is women’s heightened physical vulnerability to pollution. 

Yet ongoing oppression, discrimination, and lack of access to services continue to be the main cause why women are adversely impacted by the effects of climate change, particularly minority and low-income women and women of the Global South. And yet, throughout the world, women maintain great responsibilities in caring for their families and leading their communities - a role that becomes increasingly difficult to fulfill considering they experience the brunt of frequent droughts, floods and wildfires. 

The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) is an international non-profit organisation working to empower women to assume leadership positions in the fight for climate justice, advocating for “the Rights of Women, Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Rights of Nature, and Rights of Future Generations.”

Working in collaboration with grassroots initiatives and other international organisations around the world, WECAN conducts trainings, workshops, on-the-ground actions and campaigns, movement building and policy advocacy efforts in order to highlight women’s vulnerability to the changing climate, empower women to lead the fight for climate justice, and encourage policy-makers and community leaders to craft policies that acknowledge and address issues critical to women when it comes to the environment. 

WECAN specifically focuses on women who are marginalised in their communities, women of low-income backgrounds and indigenous women. Among other initiatives, the organisation has launched a campaign facilitating access of indigenous women to American and European financial institutions, insurance companies and credit-rating agencies in order to bring their issues to their attention and address ongoing injustices. 

You may visit WECAN’s website to learn about their volunteering and internship opportunities, help spread the word about their work on social media, or make a donation

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WECAN brings women to the forefront of the fight for climate justice