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December 16, 2019

Internews amplifies women’s voices in the news and media

Across the world, women are being discriminated against in the media through under-representation and the perpetuation of stereotypical narratives about them. 

According to research, women currently make only 26 per cent of news media leaders globally. Furthermore, 46 per cent of news coverage reinforces gender stereotypes. Women’s views, expertise and experiences are too often ignored in the media. 

Internews is a non-profit organisation working to uplift marginalised voices in the media and deliver trustworthy, quality news that propel people to take action in their communities. Established 35 years ago, the organisation has worked on projects in over 100 countries so far. 

Among Internews' main areas of focus is uplifting women in the media and journalism world by helping men and women produce content that obliterates stereotypes, covering issues that are critical for women and girls, portraying women as drivers of change and mentoring women to serve in leadership positions in media and technology. 

In Afghanistan, for instance, Internews teamed up with a local partner, Salam Watandar, in order to uplift women’s voices, generate a vibrant discussion about their rights and encourage them to participate in the country’s elections. 

Additionally, Internews works to increase awareness of online safety among women, as they experience the brunt of harassment on the internet (in comparison to men). Through its Safe Sisters program, Internews educates and empowers women to protect their privacy and data, and effectively share their knowledge with other women in their communities.  

Please consider pledging a donation and supporting Internews’ effort to make the news and media industries open and equal toward women. 

You may also help the organisation spread its message via social media.  

Image: Internews website. 

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Internews amplifies women’s voices in the news and media