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January 22, 2020

Transparentem expose environmental and human rights abuses of fashion industry

Operating a trillion-dollar market worldwide, the fashion industry has been linked to significant environmental and human rights abuses - generating unprecedented pollution, employing people and children under conditions akin to slavery, and exacerbating a culture of mindless and highly damaging consumerism.

Transparentem is a U.S.-based non-profit organisation working to expose the truths behind the conduct of mass industries, including the fashion sector, in an effort to eradicate environmental and human rights abuses committed in the supply chains. 

Transparentem conduct in-depth investigations into abuses affecting workers and their communities, including human trafficking, forced labour, child labour, hazardous working conditions, and exccessive environmental destruction. The evidence collected by Transparentem is then introduced to those in positions of power who can set in motion systemic changes that would impact the industry as a whole.

Presently, Transparentem’s focus is on the apparel, footwear, and accessories industry.

“Our ultimate service is to the public,” the organisation states on its website. “Though we do not directly disclose our final reports to the public, we do deliver them to those who we believe will use the information to advance positive change. Following the end of the grace period, regardless of company responses, we will release an update on brand/retailer responses through our Consolidated Intelligence Reports (CIRs) to others, including company board members, and select investors, regulators, advocacy organizations, and journalists.”

Among Transparentem’s most recent investigation included a probe into human rights abuses of workers in Malaysia’s garment industry, where indicators of forced labour were identified, as well as an inquiry into the leather industry in Bangladesh, where evidence of “gross environmental degradation, child labour, and hazardous working conditions,” has been identified. Both investigations had led to action by both buyers and figures in positions of power.

You may visit the organisation’s website to learn more about Transparentem’s work and pledge a donation.

Image: NYU Stern - Center for Business and Human Rights.

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Transparentem expose environmental and human rights abuses of fashion industry