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January 21, 2020

Sign the petition calling on world leaders to restore and protect forests worldwide

Rising concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere (particularly carbon dioxide) due to human activities is the leading cause of the worsening climate crisis. The IPCC had stated that without a drastic reduction of CO2 emissions by world economies before 2030, we will feel the full force of climate change and bring about irreversible ecological devastation. 

Trees constitute the planet’s most valuable sequester of CO2 generated both naturally and through human activities, with one acre of trees removing up to 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Mass deforestation around the world not only weakens the Earth’s greatest natural source of carbon absorption, but also exacerbates the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, by causing the burned or ravaged trees and plants to emit the CO2 they stored. 

A Change.org petition launched by the Growing Air Foundation calls on the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to mobilise an effort by world leaders to protect and restore forests around the world.

Initiatives to revive and defend forests are taking place in various countries and communities, but a much more comprehensive and determined global effort is needed in order for substantial ecological achievements to be gained. 

“Time is critical but there is still a window of opportunity to turn this mess around and keep global temperatures below the 1.5°C rise that so threatens life on our planet,” the authors of the petition state.  “Fighting climate change must include the restoration and protection of rainforests around the world for now and future generations. All life, including the lives of our children and grandchildren deserve a living, breathing and healthy planet!”

Once it reaches its goal of 10,000 signatures, the petition will be submitted to Secretary Guterres. With over 8,000 signatures currently, the petition is extremely close to hitting its target. 

Please consider signing the petition and signal to world leaders that an immediate and coordinated action must be taken by them to protect and restore the world’s forests. 

Image: Rimantas Jankauskas.

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Sign the petition calling on world leaders to restore and protect forests worldwide