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August 29, 2018

Tracking Trump: a guide for concerned citizens

It’s becoming difficult to keep track of the various calamities caused by the Trump administration. In virtually all areas, from trade to conservation to immigration to healthcare, the U.S. government has pursued unscrupulous policies that put people’s rights and the future of the planet at risk. In such a state of bewilderment, with morbid headlines popping up incessantly, it’s hard to stay focused, remain engaged, and take action.

To that end, multiple organizations and media outlets have compiled orderly timelines that detail the actions taken by Trump and his administration on a particular issue, to ensure that citizens remain conscious of the bigger picture and fully informed as they embark on their protest of choice.

Here are two such guides we particularly recommend:

Tracking Trump is a website operated by Planned Parenthood, which lists every policy enacted by the Trump administration with regard to health care and reproductive rights. The website also details precisely who are the individuals involved in crafting, supporting, and enacting the policies, and explains who are the people impacted by them.

Mother Jones has created a timeline which lists every development pertaining to the Trump- Russia collusion case, beginning in Trump’s real estate ties to Russia in the mid 80’s, and spanning all across his pre and post election period until the present. As the FBI and Mueller investigations unspool, it is crucial that people remain aware of the case’s developments and ramifications, as it bears great impact on the future of American (and potentially global) democracy. If you have any tips, leads, or information to contribute, please email Mother Jones directly at trumprussia@motherjones.com.

Image credit: Planned Parenthood

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Tracking Trump: a guide for concerned citizens