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September 28, 2021

Time for transparency around use of harmful chemicals

All over the world chemicals are being released into the air, water and land. The WHO estimates that occupational exposure will account for 2.3 percent of total deaths globally, mainly due to health issues such as leukemia, lung cancer, ischemic heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, among others. 

Recently, an enormous warehouse in South Africa was set on fire, leading to unknown quantities of hazardous agrochemicals being released into the air and water. 

CHEM Trust is a charity whose overarching aim is to prevent synthetic chemicals from causing long term damage to wildlife and humans by monitoring chemical use in products, calling for chemical regulation and raising awareness about harmful chemicals that are still being used today.

Charities like CHEM Trust play a vital role in sharing information about chemicals that can have extremely damaging effects and whose usage large corporations are often inclined to hide. 

A recent mission of CHEM Trust has been to raise awareness about hormone disrupting chemicals (or Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, EDCs). Even the slightest exposure to these chemicals can have great effects on the body, including disruption of metabolism, reproductive development and cognitive function.

Furthermore, EDCs have recently been linked to obesity and hormone related cancers. EDCs can be found in many consumer products, from plastics in food packaging to fluorinated chemicals in cosmetics.

To learn more about the use and regulation of these threatening chemicals, you can visit one of CHEM Trust's many informative pages

You can also help expose the hidden danger of EDCs by joining CHEM Trust in calling for better regulation and safer alternatives. 

CHEM Trust advocacy for transparency around the use of chemicals is urgently needed for a safer future.

To support the charity, you can like and share its work on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can learn about its work and findings on CHEM Trust's website

Image by: Diana Polekhina

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Time for transparency around use of harmful chemicals