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September 27, 2021

This NGO assists migrants in the UK

Not often do we hear the story of asylum seekers in the UK whose support has been completely cut off. 

Migrants under the policy of ‘no recourse to public funds’ (NRPF) are left without any mainstream or basic benefits and are not entitled to work. 

The policy ‘underpinned by injustice’, affects those whose asylum claims have been refused as well as those without leave to remain in the UK.

However, the policy is applied indiscriminately without any regard to an individual’s vulnerability.

Although many of these migrants eventually gain the right to remain in the UK, and ultimately gain access to employment and public funds, they are completely ignored and isolated until they are recognised by the UK government.

This has detrimental effects, with 24 percent of children whose parents are subject to the policy being left homeless. 

The Migrant Destitution Fund, a charity that provides cash grants, legal advice and general support, is a crucial lifeline for those affected.

The charity holds equality at is core and recognises how many migrants are stripped of their right to equal treatment because of where they come from.

Not only are they stripped of their right to equality, but also of dignity, choice and justice.

The Migrant Destitution Fund holds these three themes at the centre of its work and aims to restore them for each individual living in destitution because of the NRPF.  

The NGO achieves this through various methods, such as giving cash to those in need instead of foodbank parcels, which often don’t meet cultural or religious requirements or leave any consideration for emergencies.

It also gives an individual the right of choice, which in turn respects the variety of needs that each case has. In this way, the Migrant Destitution Fund is making sure that each person is treated as an individual human who is not synonymous with any other migrant. 

You can easily support the Migrant Destitution Fund through donation, from £6 to cover travel for medical appointments or providing a month’s essential support for a migrant.

Alternatively, you can get involved through fundraising, sharing the NGO's work on social media (Facebook) or by inviting your friends, family or colleagues to their events.  

Image by: Liz Weddon

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This NGO assists migrants in the UK