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April 05, 2019

Take a part in ending violence against women in Pakistan

Asma Aziz, a married Pakistani woman, has shocked the world with her testimony of the brutal abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband and his friends, and of the reluctance of the authorities in Lahore (Pakistan’s second largest city) to protect her.

Asma’s story reflects a trend of violence against women in Pakistan, prevalent in both urban and rural areas of the country. As seen in Asma's case, the Pakistani government and local authorities—often plagued by corruption—generally fail to grant services and shelter for women who have undergone abuse.

Since its foundation in 1986, Aurat Foundation, a non for profit organization, has worked to increase the access of women to services and institutions in Pakistan, as well as promote social, economic, and political equality between the genders in the country.

Through a network of volunteers and strong partnerships with other organizations, Aurat run programs across Pakistan to protect women’s rights and encourage a societal change in order to eliminate bias and hostility toward women.

One of the organization’s main areas of focus is preventing violence against women and protecting victims of abuse. They do so by increasing the access of women to shelter and services, advocating for the repealing of laws that are discriminatory against women, and promoting policies and legislation aimed at defending women from violence.  

Additionally, Aurat members work to increase women’s economic empowerment and independence through collaborations with local communities and advocacy for labor policy reforms. Their programs also strive to embolden women’s voice in the political sphere, and ensure that they are able to help shape their socio-political environment.   

Over the past few decades, Aurat Foundation has reached and assisted hundreds of thousands of women and families of all backgrounds, mobilized countless communities, and played a key role in the launching of governmental plans and policies designed to protect women’s rights and elevate their status in society.

Visit their website to read more about Aurat’s mission and work, as well as learn about available collaboration and volunteer opportunities.

Image credit: AFP via Samaa

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Take a part in ending violence against women in Pakistan