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September 07, 2020

Support environmental protection in India

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought along a sharp rise in plastic pollution across the world. So, too, is the case in India - where the government’s initiative to curb plastic usage and waste is now being threatened due to increased manufacturing of masks, gloves, face shields, PPE kits and sanitiser bottles. 

This exacerbates the overall threat to the environment in India, a country dealing with high levels of pollution and insufficient resources to halt environmental destruction.

Hara Jeevan is an India-based non-profit organisation working to promote environmental justice and sustainability in India by restoring natural elements. 

The organisation works to plant and sustain 100 million Native Trees by 2040, and runs a waste management project that seeks to process the equivalent of 50 percent of Delhi’s waste back to its roots by 2025.

“With the motto of putting waste back to where it belongs, we keenly work on segregation of waste and transforming it into pure organic manure,” the NGO states on its website.

Hara Jeevan places a specific focus on working with youths, whom they rightly see as the future of Indian society. The organisation runs activities and workshops at institutions and locations across India in order to promote education around ecological issues and develop youths’ environmental consciousness. 

They also provide products designed to help people compost waste at their own homes. 

Please visit Hara Jeevan’s website to read more about their mission and projects, access their products, learn about volunteer opportunities and make a donation

Image: Vaibhav Bansal

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Support environmental protection in India