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February 07, 2023

Support earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria

On 6 February, two earthquakes of magnitudes 7.8 and 7.5 had struck central Turkey and northwest Syria. At least 5,000 people have died and many thousands were injured.

The World Health Organisation has commented that an estimated 23 million people were affected by the earthquake, but the true scale of the damage will not be known until the dust has cleared. 

What makes matters even worse is that the majority of affected regions were home to some of the most vulnerable communities in the Middle East. According to the U.N Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), more than 4 million Syrians who rely on immediate humanitarian aid were living in the region impacted by the earthquake.

Syrians living in the region are also dealing with an on-going cholera outbreak and harsh winter conditions. Furthermore, it is well known that Turkey is one of the world's largest refugee host countries, housing an estimated 3.6 million Syrian asylum seekers who fled the ongoing civil war at home

In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster such as this, a rapid and efficient response is essential in order to mitigate the extent of destruction and suffering.

Many international relief agencies, such as The Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontière, are implementing response procedures. But many organisations have suffered devastating damage to their infrastructure and resources, and are struggling to operate effectively amid the chaos.

According to flash updates from the Syrian Arab Republic Humanitarian Country Team, much of the search and rescue efforts are being hampered by a lack of equipment.

Under such circumstances, thousands, including many refugees, are still in need of shelter, food and water, and many remain stuck under the rubble with little assistance.

One of the most effective ways to partake in the international response to this crisis is through donations. 

The Syrian American Medical Society is currently on the ground in Syria and is struggling to cope with the sudden influx of patients. In order to deliver an effective response, SAMS is in urgent need for trauma supplies and a comprehensive emergency response. You can donate to them here

The White Helmets is a search and rescue organisation operating on the ground right, working to save lives from the rubble. To support them, follow this link and make a donation.

Another grassroots search and rescue organisation to support is AKUT, whose brave volunteers are on the ground as well, saving as many lives as possible. 

Furthermore, The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is currently providing relief and emergency aid in both Syria and Turkey, you can support them here

A relief map has been created to point those in need of help towards aid, and it is constantly being updated with information about institutions and businesses that are opening their doors to those most affected. Please take a moment to share this map on social media and with friends and family.

Although the international spotlight is currently focussed on Turkey and Syria, the world's attention will inevitably fade. But the long-term consequences and crises brought on by the earthquake should not be forgotten.

If you cannot donate now, act in support of Turkey and Syria by raising awareness about this tragedy even beyond its immediate aftermath. 

Image by Forest Plum.

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Support earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria