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January 03, 2023

Join the fight against human trafficking

Commonly referred to as ‘modern slavery,’ human trafficking continues to be global issue and an industry that generates an estimated USD 150 billion in profits worldwide.

From 2012 to 2017, 89 million people experienced some form of human trafficking. And according to the US Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report from July 2022, the role of the climate crisis in exacerbating risk of vulnerable persons is exposed. 

Tanzania is among the countries greatly impacted by this crisis, and has recently witnessed an increase in trafficking crimes, predominantly in online sexual exploitation. Apart from the obvious need for initial prevention of human trafficking, there is also a huge lack of resources, ranging from legal to emotional, to support trafficking survivors. 

Based in Dar es salaam, TATLI (Tanzania Anti-Human Trafficking and Legal Initiatives) is committed to fighting human trafficking and providing legal assistance for trafficked survivors.

Focusing on promoting and respecting the rights of trafficked survivors, TATLI works to bring about legal and social transformation. The organisation does this in four main areas: legal aid and assistance, research spotlighting key system failures that allow for trafficking, advocating for legislative reform and raising awareness to end human trafficking.

TATLI employs the UN’s ‘Four P’s’ approach, which stands for prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership. This four-pronged approach includes the implementation of education and training programmes within local communities and human trafficking stakeholders such as judges or immigration officers.

A large basis of its work lies in advocacy and lobbying focusing on national politics, as well as generating data-driven research and publications.

In monitoring and documenting as many incidences and cases of human trafficking as possible, the organisation is tackling the issue on a nationwide scale. This means interrogating and bringing structural shift to Tanzania’s legal systems in order to "bridge the disparities between the legal systems and trafficking survivors."

But the organisation is also committed to working with survivors on an individual level, whether through counselling, transport, medical assistance or economic empowerment. 

To support victims of human trafficking and to help prevent it, familiarise yourself with TATLI’s educational resources and campaigns within Tanzania, and learn how to identify trafficking in your local area and report it to the organisation.

Alternatively, you can share the NGO's work and help raise awareness on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Image by Nsey Benaja.

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Join the fight against human trafficking