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When the bombs fall, the wounded and dying are rushed to makeshift hospitals in caves, basements and even living rooms. In these unlikely beacons of hope, doctors operating by the light of cellphones, using rudimentary equipment and insufficient medicine, manage to save lives everyday. Against all odds.

More than three-quarters of Syrian doctors have fled since 2011. Those that remain have chosen to stay to serve, believing it their duty to save lives, even though it means risking theirs as hospitals are targets of daily airstrikes. Yet, theres a lack of needed training for those who remained: Dentists are performing surgeries, vets are treating cases of malnutrition and young volunteers are trained as anesthesiologists. In July 2016 a medical facility was attacked on average every 17 hours. Many facilities have been attacked multiple times, often changing location for safety.

Despite being in clear contravention of international humanitarian law, medics have been executed and tortured. However, the biggest killer of medical workers in Syria is neither torture nor execution. The greatest threat comes from the air - the Syrian government and Russian bombing. At least 750 medical workers have been killed and over 400 hospital attacks have been destroyed by these indiscriminate weapons.

These attacks are not just killing physicians and destroying hospitals, but damaging entire communities. When you kill one doctor in Syria, you are ensuring that hundreds of people will die.

Help stopping the targeting of hospitals, doctors and medical care workers in Syria by signing the petition of Medics Under Fire! Set a clear signal to the Syrian government to respect the resolutions of the United Nations condemning attacks against medical facilities and medical personnel in conflict!

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