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Preemptive love coalition is a Non-Profit-Organization which provides live-saving heart surgeries and emergency relief for displaced communities around Iraq.

In many war-torn countries there is a backlog of children with life-threatening heart defects, unable to get the care they need. Since 2008 PLC has provided more than 1600 livesaving heart operations for sick children around the world. These Remedy Missions began in Iraq and expanded into Lybia, Nigeria and other conflict and crisis ridden countries. A Remedy Mission includes between 15 to 25 surgeries, along with hundreds of hours of training for local doctors and nurses – providing a more efficient and sustaining lifesaving solution for now and for later.

Another focus of the NPO is the economic recreation of displaced communities around Iraq. Families and persons who have been displaced by conflict are turned from victims into selfemployed owners of small businesses, entrepreneurs and helped to achieve job positions with a sustainable income. Displaced children are empowered by being put back into school, while PLC is advocating with officials to prioritize education, refurbishing schools and providing uniforms and supplies for the classroom. In 2015 PLC put 20.000 Iraqi children back into the classroom. Currently the organization, led by CEO and founder Jeremey Courtney, is focusing on the crisis in Fallujah where a major humanitarian crisis is taking place.

If you want to help Preemptive love coalition and follow their core values of giving love, showing up and getting out of the way so that others can stand on their own, donate or host an event via their webpage.

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