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July 24, 2020

Stop federal crackdown on Portland BLM protests

Facing grim re-election prospects, President Donald Trump has used the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests as a diversion tactic and a scapegoat for his administration’s failure to handle a deadly pandemic and an economic collapse of historic propositions.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of protests there are peaceful, the President has designated Portland, Oregon as a dangerous riot zone and ordered the deployment of federal troops there to restore order. What this meant in reality is that troops have been invading the city - intimidating, injuring, and kidnapping civilians raising their voice for civil rights and racial justice. 

A Change.org petition is now calling on the president, the acting Secretary of Homeland Security, and Portland chief of police to immediately withdraw federal troops from Oregon and cease the undemocratic crackdown on protests. 

“They roam Portland in unmarked uniforms and unmarked vehicles, running us over, firing on peaceful protestors and dragging others away into vans and SUVs without a word,” reads the petition, “And the vast amounts of tear gas and pepper spray in use is unconscionable.”

“[w]e who live here can tell you that 99% of the protests are peaceful, even after 47 days of them,” the petition further states. “What his administration doesn't like, is that Portlanders are willing to stand up and insist our police force become fair, transparent and accountable, and end racist behaviors—and we're not stopping the protests until it happens.”

Please take a moment to sign the petition and help the residents of Portland fight for their basic right to protest. A failure to nip this oppressive tactic in the bud could lead to a nation-wide violation of civil and human rights by the government. 

Image: OccupyYourMind

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Stop federal crackdown on Portland BLM protests