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July 26, 2021

Stand by Cubans fighting for freedom and democracy

The voices of the Cuban protestors petitioning the government are being stifled. 

The most effective weapon in silencing criticism lies in obstructing the power of social media. The tactic of internet blackouts that the government has employed are a sure sign of authoritarian control. 

The nationwide protest on 11 June relied heavily on the island’s mobile data network for coordination and live-streaming. So, when the internet shutdown took place, it very literally muted the voices of the protestors. 

The blackout made it impossible for those in and outside of Cuba to communicate in the discomforting aftermath of the protest. This was made even more terrifying when the police began to arrive at the houses of those who participated in the protest to take them into custody. You can read more about the situation in Cuba here

The San Isidro Movement is a group of Cuban citizens ranging from artists to academics, that was formed in 2018 to protest the government’s growing censorship of artistic expression. 

By staging protests and performances, the group has been able to create resistance and awareness of the authoritarian rule of the Cuban government. 

To support and learn more about the movement take a look at their Facebook or Twitter and share their activism. 

There is also a petition you can sign that is entreating the United States government to stand in solidarity with the Cuban people by providing free internet access. This would lessen the government’s hold over their citizens and prove that freedom of speech and protest cannot be subdued.

Image: Vera Oliveira

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Stand by Cubans fighting for freedom and democracy