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May 02, 2017

Sea Rescue Mission "Mind 'n' Rescue"

tags:#Sea rescue, #refugees
located:Libya, Tunisia
by:Ama Lorenz

2017 will become a hard year for refugees and the organisations trying to rescue them on their routes away from war, hunger and persecution. Meanwhile the EU is closing the boarders and making deals with authoritarian governments to hold their population back, the causes why people flee still remain. It is to be feared that the fleeing people will always accept more dangerous routes.

Organisations like Cadus won't to deal with the fact that every year people who are taken to the sea by tugs are drowned there. They have a good and year-long expertise of succesful sea rescue, interdisciplinary and European wide cooperation with several partners and the consideration of social, sustainable and ecological aspects.

Cadus will focus on new approaches to airspace monitoring now. Ships in distress can be found more quickly and the cooperation of different organizations can be made more effective.

Therefor and for a lot of new projects, Cadus needs your support. Never forget, escape is not a crime, it needs a #safepassage.

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Sea Rescue Mission "Mind 'n' Rescue"