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2020 has been another deadly year for journalists across the world.

From Russia to Brazil, reporters, bloggers, and journalists have continued to face harassment, persecution, abuse, and violence.

A 2020 ‘round up’ report by Reporters Without Borders has found that 50 journalists were murdered across the world for doing their job throughout 2020, and that 387 journalists are currently imprisoned in connection to their work. 

The NGO, which provides global protection for journalists, bloggers, and reporters, has found that investigations uncovering local corruption or misuse of public funds remain the most risky, and accounted for 10 killings of journalists in 2020. 

The report indicates that there has been a sharp rise in killings of journalists in countries that are “at peace” (68 per cent of cases in 2020 compared with 32 per cent in 2016), and identifies a 35 per cent increase in the arrests of female journalists worldwide. 

You may help tackle this reality of violence and suppression of freedom of speech and freedom of the press by supporting Reporters Without Borders.

Operating in six continents, the NGO sheds light on the state of press freedom and repression around the world, advocates on behalf of journalists, and provides them with essential support through legal aid and protective equipment for usage in the field. 

Please visit Reporters Without Borders’ website to access their reports, sign their petitions, and make a donation to assist them in preserving the right to be informed.  

Image by Daniel Carrière

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