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December 28, 2020

End animal cruelty and promote food justice!

With each year that passes, we’re further exposed to the horrors inflicted on millions of animals that are abused, tortured, and murdered at meat and dairy farms and slaughterhouses across the world.

In addition to the unfathomable suffering they bring upon animals, the meat and animal agriculture industries generate unprecedented environmental damage (producing more greenhouse gas emissions than all modes of transportation combined) and spark global health crises by spreading diseases and decimating crucial natural resources. 

Animal Save Movement is an international network of activists working to end the oppression of animals and promote climate justice and global health by defunding animal agriculture and making a plant-based diet more accessible globally. 

The Save Movement was launched in Toronto, Canada in 2010, when its co-founder, Anita Krajnc, began organising vigils to bear witness to the transport of frightened and distressed pigs to a slaughterhouse in her area. 

Since then, the movement has grown exponentially, and currently has 900 chapters in 70 countries. 

The movement is divided into three main branches. The first, Animal Save, strives to hold vigils outside every slaughterhouse and advocates for their shutdown. “Animal vigils bring you face to face with the animals and makes you see them for the individuals they are,” the group states on its website. “The animal exploitation industry sees animals as commodities; by bearing witness and looking an animal in the eyes you can see their unique soul.” The movement increases public awareness of animal cruelty by publicising and calling attention to incidents of torture and abuse of animals across the world.  

The second branch, Climate Save, strives to tackle the swelling climate and environmental crises by bringing an end to the animal agriculture industry and replacing the territories it currently exploits with forests, wild spaces, and animal sanctuaries. 

The third branch, Health Save, works to prevent the spread of diseases (including pandemics such as the coronavirus), improve global health, and promote food justice by increasing the accessibility of a plant-based diet and educating the public on the significance of doing away with meat. 

“Through our slaughter-free city campaigns we can shut down animal farms and slaughterhouses and transition them towards plant based food companies,” the group states. 

Please visit Animal Save Movement’s website to read more about its work, access its resources, and learn about ways in which you can support the movement and participate in vigils. 

You may consult this map to locate a chapter in your area. 

Image by Fillippo Pellegrini

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End animal cruelty and promote food justice!