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June 04, 2019

Piler promote socio-economic equality in Pakistan

Last month, the Pakistani government signed yet another bailout package with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which would end up burdening the already struggling lower and middle classes. The move, destined to prevent a complete economic collapse in the country and shore up foreign reserves, would result in the swelling up of prices and lowering of development expenditures.

All the while, the country’s political, economic, and military elites continue to enjoy from generous tax cuts and rising business empires.

Piler - the Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research - is a local nonprofit NGO working to promote a “democratic and effective” labor movement in Pakistan and secure a just and equitable economy where the human rights of all citizens are protected.

Established in 1982, the organization works to strengthen and mobilize worker movements through various events, trainings and workshops. Adhering to principles of gender equality, Piler makes efforts to educate both male and female workers around issues of workers’ rights, shelter, livelihood, healthcare, and equal access to opportunities. As part of their work, members of the organization provide workers and their movements with up-to-date research and documentation.

Additionally, the organization engages in vigorous policy advocacy and forms national, regional, and international alliances to promote their cause.

If socio-economic equality in Pakistan is an issue you feel passionately about, we encourage you to visit Piler’s website and read about their mission, review their reports, and learn about upcoming projects, events, and partnership opportunities.

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Piler promote socio-economic equality in Pakistan