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June 22, 2019

Partner with BAJI to end discrimination against African Americans and black immigrants

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by:Yair Oded

The criminalization of people of color in the United States affects both U.S. citizens and black and Hispanic immigrants. From blunt discrimination in employment opportunities to mass incarceration and disproportionate targeting by the immigration authorities - African Americans and black immigrants experience the brunt of America’s systemic racism.

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAIJ) is a nonprofit organization working to promote social justice for African American and black immigrants in the United States, recognizing that the predicament of the two communities is rooted in one source.

BAIJ run a national network of partner-organizations and individuals all dedicated to the cause of advocating on behalf of African American and black immigrants, and promoting immigrant rights alongside racial and economic justice.

BAJI engage in extensive advocacy campaigns, organize workshops and events, and strive to bring together African Americans and black immigrants in order to formulate a cohesive community that is well-informed and prepared to fight for its rights.

BAJI also offer elaborate webinars, reports, fact-sheets, and tool-kits prepared by its research institute in order to inform its members and partners of the facts surrounding oppression of black immigrants and African Americans, and equip them with the tools to bring about change.

If you or your organization feel inclined to join BAJI’s expanding-network of partners, please visit their website and learn about their membership options.

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Partner with BAJI to end discrimination against African Americans and black immigrants