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April 27, 2020

Manufacturers: release information needed to fix ventilators!

With 903,000 confirmed cases and over 50,000 deaths, coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the United States.

Alas, the unrelenting attempt by major companies and bought-off politicians to fill up corporate coffers at all costs prevents the nation from effectively containing the spread of the virus and saving as many lives as possible. 

One of the areas in which it is painfully visible at the moment is the refusal of some manufacturers to release the instructions for the repairing and maintenance of ventilators.

Across the country, hospitals experience a severe shortage of ventilators. With a higher-than-normal turnover of patients due to the pandemic, medical staff are forced to use (sometimes old) ventilators around the clock, which accelerates their deterioration. 

A Change.org petition launched by U.S. PIRG calls on all manufacturers to release the information hospitals and medical professionals need in order to repair and maintain ventilators.

“There are nearly 100,000 older ventilators around the United States -- but some will need repairs and maintenance, and that will require access to service information,” the petition’s authors state. 

So far, the petition has garnered over 38,800 signatures. Please consider adding your name and help them reach their target of 50,000 signatures. 

Now more than ever we must signal to politicians and heads of corporations that the American culture of placing the profit of companies over the welfare of ‘ordinary’ people must come to an end. 

Image: Clemente Jesus Martinez Diaz

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Manufacturers: release information needed to fix ventilators!