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Join virtual event to support immigrant women and girls fleeing violence | FairPlanet
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April 20, 2020

Join virtual event to support immigrant women and girls fleeing violence

topic:Women's rights
type:Campaign, Crowd Funding, NGO
tags:#women's rights, #virtual event, #girls' rights, #children's rights, #NGO, #donation, #COVID-19, #fundraising, #immigrant rights, #immigrants
by:Yair Oded

The COVID-19 outbreak has been disproportionately affecting vulnerable populations across the globe whose members have no access to proper services and support mechanisms.

Among these groups are immigrants. Long before the outbreak of the pandemic, immigrants were facing systemic oppression and were highly vulnerable to various types of abuse.

On Friday, April 24th, the Tahirih Justice Center, a U.S. based nonprofit organisation advocating for immigrant women and girls, will host a free virtual event in order to raise funds for immigrant survivors of gender-based violence. Special appearances will be made by Rainn Wilson, Oscar Nunez, Penn Badgley, Justin Baldoni, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, and a special performance by Andy Grammer.

“In recognition of the oneness of humankind, and in light of the current pandemic, we are combining the San Francisco Bay Area Benefit and our Greater DC Gala into one virtual event,” the group states on the event page, “...we will help flatten the curve and celebrate our crucial work supporting immigrant survivors from coast to coast…. We will acknowledge the strength and resilience women and girls embody as they seek to attain the most basic of human rights – to live in safety and with dignity, and we will recommit ourselves to ending violence against women.” 

Founded in 1997, Tahirih Justice Center offers direct services as well as conducts policy advocacy, education, and training in order to support immigrant women and girls who are fleeing violence, domestic abuse, rape, forced marriages, and human trafficking. 

The event will be live-streamed on Friday, April 24, at 4:00 p.m. PDT/7:00 p.m. EDT. You may sign up for free on their website or through the event’s Facebook page

Click here to learn more about the Tahirih Justice Center’s mission and work. 

Image: Tahirih Justice Center

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Join virtual event to support immigrant women and girls fleeing violence