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April 16, 2020

Help our democracies survive COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has proven to pose more than a health threat to populations across the world. In addition to taking the lives of tens of thousands of people and destabilising the world’s economies - COVID-19 has presented challenges to democratic regimes around the globe. 

From President Donald Trump to Hungary’s Orban and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, political leaders and other people in positions of power have exploited the rampant chaos to concentrate power in their hands and debilitate the state organs designed to enforce democracy’s checks and balances. 

From scrupulous court decisions to disenfranchisement and the oppression of vulnerable populations, injustices abound in the times of COVID-19, and the institutions that are supposed to prevent them are being steadily eroded.

Democracy Now! is an independent, non-profit news platform hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González, broadcasting daily news briefings and in-depth interviews exploring “the world’s most pressing issues.”

Founded in 1996, Democracy Now! Provides listeners alternative views of world events by amplifying voices from all corners of society and delving into aspects of stories that aren’t sufficiently explored by most mainstream news outlets. 

Their programs broadcast on numerous radio stations across the globe and, and their website features clips of their content as well as articles and transcripts of news briefings and interviews.

Democracy Now! Is funded exclusively by their audience, and eschews corporate donations or government support. 

Please consider donating to Democracy Now! And contribute your part to helping them keep our governments in check. 

Image: Democracy Now! website. 

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Help our democracies survive COVID-19