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March 19, 2019

Join SERI in the fight to protect civil and socio-economic rights in South Africa

Despite having the most progressive constitution in the African continent, South Africa still grapples with rampant poverty and human rights violations—ranging from gender based violence to limited access to education.

As the country mentions its human rights month, in commemoration of the struggle for democracy, special attention is placed on the vast inequalities still prevalent in South Africa and on the methods in which they can be tackled.

The Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa (SERI) is a human rights organization dedicated to assisting individuals, communities, and social movements in the effort to protect their socio-economic rights.

Founded in 2009, the organization engages in expansive litigation, research, and advocacy efforts in order to advance and defend South Africans’ constitutional rights to water, housing, healthcare, fair labor practices, education, children’s rights, and more. SERI mostly operates in major South African cities, however some of its outreach work extends to rural provinces and areas as well.

SERI’s stance is that, “it is the people who are on the receiving end of poverty and inequality who are best placed to devise and implement strategies to challenge them,” and thus it seeks to also protect the spaces in which such individuals and communities can advocate for their own agendas for change.

Please visit SERI's website to learn more about their work and open volunteer/internship positions.

Image credit: SERI website. 

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Join SERI in the fight to protect civil and socio-economic rights in South Africa